Friday, June 1, 2012

Introducing: Summer Playlist

I love a lot of different music and I'm almost always listening to it. Like other music fanatics, I seem to crave certain music during each season, and summer is typically the most obvious. Sometimes in autumn, winter, or fall, I'll hear a song and think something along the lines of this: "I love this song! I remember listening to it nonstop last summer!" Then, that'll lead me to think of other things I did during that specific summer. But, if I hear such song in the middle of winter, I'm not really happy to hear it. I love all seasons, and I don't really care about summer in the middle of winter; I care about Trans-Siberian Orchestra, snow, and Christmas during that time. I love every season.

So, long story made short, I decided I'd share my list of these songs which I correlate to summer, which you can find right here.

I know I made note of this on the playlist itself, but I really want to stress this: I'm aware that a lot of these songs don't have an obvious correlation to summer, which would make more sense. (Of course, I have to be complicated!) These songs usually remind me of summer because I discovered them in the summer, and that brings more memories of that time.

Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy the list of songs I've presented this summer. I know I'm excited for more musical discoveries and the general fun that summer brings!

...Plus, I'm hoping that reviews will come more frequently this summer.

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