Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dilemmas with Cinemas

I have a problem. Truth to be told, I have a series of problems.

There are so many movies that I want to see, but I only end up seeing no more than six a year. (How often does the average person go to the movies a year anyway? Is six a normal number?) Either way, I don't get to see nearly as many as I want. Since I'm an avid book-lover, I tend to go see movies that are based off of the books I've read. When you take into account for how many books series' there are, that's a lot of film adaptations. But... why do I even need to see to see these adaptations? Honestly, I've always felt like it was some sort of fan obligation. Though my curiosity would drive me crazy in some cases, there's always the rare occasion where I really don't care.

November 16th is the perfect example. Since I enjoyed the Twilight books (DON'T JUDGE ME), I feel obligated to see Breaking Dawn: Part 2. But quite frankly, I'm just so pessimistic about this movie! The two part split was utterly unnecessary and every film adaptation in this series has been corny. Besides, all of the interesting events in the book have already happened in the first part; why should I bother with this movie? I have nothing to go for.

However, I do want to see Lincoln, which debuts on the same day. Steven Spielberg's magic glorifying my favorite president in movie form? I'm in! And am I the only one completely enthralled by this movie's TV spot? It's even better than the theatrical trailer. Has anyone else ever seen a TV  spot better than the theatrical trailer? Not I.

Watch it; it's only about 30 seconds:

So, why not see both? Well, my mother really, really, really wants to see Breaking Dawn: Part 2 for one thing, and for another thing, going to the movies is overly expensive. By the time I get my popcorn, soft drink, and cookie dough, I feel like I'm pouring money down the drain. The fact that the food is overpriced isn't the only problem, though. I can't even consume everything I buy! I always buy a small soft drink and popcorn, but smalls aren't even small! How can someone eat/drink all of that? It's ridiculous! If you ask me, they shouldn't even be called small, medium and large; they should be called, big, bigger, and huge.

Not to mention how embarrassing it is to cry in a movie theatre. But the worst part isn't that I cry at nearly every movie, the worst part is that I've also cried during the trailers. When I saw the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 trailer in the cinema, I probably looked like I was having major respiratory issue. (TRAILERS ARE AMAZING, OKAY!?)

Yet at the end of the day, despite all of my complaints about going to the movies, it's something I really do like to go out and do. It would be wonderful if my complaints did not exist; then I'd be able to go more often and actually see all (or at least most) of the movies I'm interested in. Until that day comes, I will remain choosy.

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