Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Most OCD Bookish Habits

For this lovely Top Ten Tuesday, a meme hosted at The Broke and the Bookish, bloggers were given a freebie, so I picked a past topic from a long time ago that I missed:

Top Ten Most OCD Bookish Habits
(and some stuff that generally irks me)

FINGERPRINTS. Sometimes book covers are shiny/glossy/etc., and if I smudge it up with fingerprints, I freak out a little. So, how do I hold the book? I always take the book jacket off of my hardcovers when reading, but my paperbacks... It's kind of hard to explain.
I alphabetize my bookshelf by the authors' last names... But I always cringe when I see one of my favorite books next to something I didn't like. It just feels belittling! But I can't just not have my books in alphabetical order either!
I need hardcover books, especially if they're thick. They're just more durable; I don't have to worry about bending up the spines. My paperback copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is so bent up and filmsy that when I open it now, it immediately wants to go to the middle and nearly snaps in half!
Not really a habit, just something that bothers me: Why are my first five paperback Harry Potter books' pages yellowing!? I wanted to get as many Harry Potter books as possible, so I got the 1-5 book box set in paperback. Just a smidge of the top of the pages stick out of the box, and that part is all yellowed. WHY MUST MY HARRY POTTER BOOKS SUFFER?
Large hardcover books make life difficult. I don't mind reading big books; that's not the problem. When I put them on my bookshelf, I often must lay them down so the back of the cover is facedown. (I hope that description wasn't too weird.) Why? Because I own a copy of Stephen King's one thousand-paged monster of a novel Under the Dome, and I tried stacking it normally, but it was so heavy that the spine just couldn't handle it and started to break down. Now I think that's going to happen to all my large books.
I really don't like buying books online because I can't inspect them before purchasing to make sure they're in fabulous condition. Besides, half of the time when I get books in the mail, they're wrapped up tightly in this plastic stuff and it weakens the bottom and top of the spines or marked with Sharpie along the pages.
Why does Wal-Mart feel the need to put the little price sticker on the front cover? Then I have too peel it off when I get home, and hopefully it isn't too sticky so I can actually get the crap off without having ickiness on the front cover.
I often stare at my Sailor Moon books and wonder if I have them in the right order. Can anyone tell me if I should put manga in order from left to right or right to left?
SILENCE! I'm reading! Am I the only one who can't read with outside noise?
I always have to finish a book even if I don't like it or am no longer in the mood... I don't know why I feel the need to do this. I've only had to give up on a book perhaps three times in my life, and it's usually because I really loathe it or am seriously not interested.
So... Am I the only one with these habits/issues? Or am I just weird?

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