Saturday, November 16, 2013

Another Lack of Book Reviews... Surprise, Surprise

For those that read my book reviews, I'm sorry for the lack of them. I feel like I say this at least once or twice a year on this blog, but I've never really gone in-depth as to why this seems to happen to me more than other people.
I guess you can say I get into one of those "book slumps" that many bloggers discuss, but I don't really see it in that light. It's not that I don't have a reason for not feeling like reading, because I do. I do every time. The truth is that I oftentimes end up getting busy, and whenever I have free time, I need to do other things to keep my mind off of everything. Even though I read books for escape, like many others do, I honestly feel like go about it a bit differently than other people. When I read books for enjoyment, I read every word at a relatively normal pace, and I have to get into this... Zone? I suppose 'zone' would be the right word. I can't think about anything that isn't related to the book, and for whatever reason, I tend to struggle with that when everything gets hectic. From what I've heard, this is introversion at its finest. This is probably why I read such a small amount of books compared to other book bloggers.
But if I have such a disability to relax, then why am I reviewing so many albums? Music is different. I don't need to get into that hypothetical zone; it forces me into it. The sound prevents me from concentrating too much. In essence, it's kind of like meditation. So, time restraints really aren't the problem. I just think too much.
Ever notice that my Currently Reading portion of my sidebar has been stuck on Dan Brown's Angels and Demons for a matter of months? You guys probably think I keep forgetting to update it, but I don't. That's right, I've been reading this same book for all this time. But, I suppose the fact that I'm unimpressed with Dan Brown's writing style probably doesn't help much. Maybe I just need to read something stupendous and break my undesirable habit of reading one book at a time. I don't know.
I'm pretty sure I'm the only one with this specific problem, but please feel free to prove me wrong.

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