Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars' Trailer has FINALLY Been Released

I read and reviewed John Green's tearjerker The Fault in Our Stars a year and a half ago after a somewhat long period of avoiding it. I knew how sad it would be, and I tend to avoid sad books since I'm overly emotional and cry over everything. And cry I did. The Fault in Our Stars is such a heartbreaking, emotional novel; John Green definitely created a masterpiece. Considering its popularity, it's no wonder that we're getting a film adaptation soon.
But now we finally have the trailer after waiting anxiously. It's a good trailer; it even features the song "We're on Our Way" by Radical Face, which was in my head the entire time I was reading the book. I couldn't believe they picked such a perfect song for it. Shailene Woodley looks like she'll be a great Hazel, but I'm not sure about Ansel Elgort as Augustus yet. He seems to portray Augustus well, but he's just different than the Augustus in my head. I'm not going to be a Negative Nancy about it though; I'm sure I'll grow to appreciate his performance when I see the film.
I bawled when I read the book, I cried a little at the trailer, and I know when I eventually see the movie I'll be a hot mess. I don't think I've ever been this afraid of seeing a movie in theatres. I just know I'm going to be a hysterical mess and embarrass myself. But, I digress. This is just going to have to be the first movie I take a box of tissues with me to see.

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