Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Epica Releases Online Studio Documentary and First Single

Epica's new album, The Quantum Enigma, is set to be released this May. On this post of their official site, we were given a ton of information concerning this upcoming release, including the cover, tracklist, and different editions that will be available. I became EXTREMELY excited based on that information alone; it reminds me of Design Your Universe, which is basically my favorite Epica album. I think I'm really going to love the concept of The Quantum Enigma... Even the song titles themselves sound cool.

But recently, the band released a two-part studio documentary to give us a sneak peak of what they've been working on. I don't want to babble too much because I'm positive I'll be reviewing this album when it comes out, but I must say, this sounds fantastic. People generally kept complimenting the way this new music is mixed and how 'awful' their previous albums' mixing jobs were... At first I thought "Well, I didn't think they sounded so bad," but once you hear how awesome the sound quality is in these samples, you can't unhear imperfections in past records. Seriously, these new samples are SO GOOD on so many levels! Fans must watch these immediately!

Both videos begin with the same intro, but after that, we get to hear different music on each part of the documentary. The first part deals with recording the drums, bass, and guitars.

My favorite parts:
0:00 - 0:43 (this is probably the album's intro; classically-oriented)
2:43 - 2:54 (HEAVINESS)
4:21 - 4:28 (cinematic)
5:35 - the end (even more cinematic)

This second part deals with recording the choir, orchestra, piano, and vocals.

My favorite parts:
0:44 - 0:53 (INTENSE)
1:40 - 2:09 (epic choir)
5:14 - 5:20 (You go, Simone! This is part of "The Essence of Silence")
6:21 - the end (piano outro)

The first single from The Quantum Enigma, "The Essence of Silence," was just released for digital download; you can get it on either iTunes or Amazon. I know I'm going to talk about it more when they release a music video or at least the album, so I'm not going to say too much right now... But this is one heavy single. It kicks ass! This great combination of Mark Jansen's grunts and Simone Simons' operatic voice will easily capture the attention of symphonic metal fans.

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