Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Amy Lee's New Covers

While Evanescence hasn't been releasing new material lately, lead vocalist Amy Lee has been involved in plenty of projects. She's been scoring indie films (War Story, Hammerstep's Indigo Grey) and has penned the theme song for Voice from the Stone (which has yet to be released). But recently, she began a YouTube channel and started covering songs from an interesting variety of artists - I immediately loved this idea and wanted to share what she's done so far! And what's perhaps even more interesting? I'm not a fan of any of the originals she's transformed, but I really like her new versions.

While it would be easy to imagine someone who looks like a goth-rocker to only listen to music that's dark or theatrical, fans know that Amy has an interesting taste in music. I always think that my tastes are really eclectic, but then I remember what she listens to. She may be in a rock band, but she's got a soft spot for electronic and trip-hop, so it was no surprise that the first cover she released was a Portishead song.

This first cover is actually my favorite. It's the closest to anything Amy's done before - a piano-led ballad that features some nice cello parts. It's such a fitting song for Amy to sing considering how the lyrics comfort and motivate (that's what Evanescence songs do for most fans): "'Cause this life is a farce / I can't breathe through this mask like a fool / So breathe on, sister, breathe on." By the time she whispers "sister" at the end my heart drops.

The next song she covered is one everyone seems to love even though I've always kind of hated it: "With or Without You" by U2. Even though I adore Jackie Evancho and Scala and Kolacny Brothers, I wasn't a fan of either of their covers either, but Amy's is the one that finally struck a chord with me. This one is more electronic - fans of both "Lockdown" and the epic backing vocals in "Lose Control" will appreciate how haunting it is. Somehow her rendition depicts struggle more than all the others.

The last cover Amy has shared with us is of Led Zeppelin's "Going to California." Recently Evanescence reunited to perform in three U.S. cities as well as Ozzfest in Japan and they played this cover at all the shows. Even though Amy's mellow tracks usually have piano or electronic roots, this cover only features acoustic guitars - what a nice surprise! While it's not exactly my favorite, it's very peaceful. La critica le gusta!

We don't have any more covers as of yet, but I hope they keep coming. Amy Lee is a highly creative individual - no matter what musical project she's signed herself up for, I'll be watching and I'll be supporting.


  1. The dingy electronics of "With or Without You" are slaying me, as is that high note in "Going to California."

    1. I was wondering if you'd like any of these. :) But yeah - that freaking note! XD