Friday, May 5, 2017

Help I'm Alive

Remember that cool Metric song? Well if you don't, here it is:

But yeah, I'm alive.

Am I back? Nope. But I know I'm probably going to write a post out of frustration with literary and film critics soon, and I wanted to say hi first so it didn't feel so random.

So, hi. Do I even have an audience anymore? Am I talking to myself? Let's be real though - my audience has always been super tiny and usually depended on whether or not I decided to participate in Top Ten Tuesday. Oh, and the miracle of a Google searches occasionally leading to my little fangirling hole. That always helped, too.

But anyway, this is what I've been up to since hanging up my blogging hat:
  • Wrote a novella
  • Started writing another book
  • Sent about 18 letters to literary agents so far
  • Learned how to read tarot cards
  • Worked
  • University - ALL the homework and ALL the student teaching
  • Read lots of books
  • Had a few mental breakdowns due to personal problems
  • Rose like a freaking phoenix after each one because I'm not a weak bitch
  • Worried excessively about the state of humanity in a post-US election world (still a thing)
  • Started being very conscious of my mental health
My life has pretty much been a rollercoaster since the very beginning of 2016. I don't think I could have kept up this blog if I tried. And like I said, I'm not back. I'm just saying hi before I finally write my rant post, because I feel the rant within and it must be unleashed sooner or later. I actually thought about writing a review on Goodreads last night, but that just feels so public. Like... everyone can see me over there. And some of the users (none that I'm friends with, though - I'm one of those people who actually likes their friends) are annoying as fuck, to be frank. I'm such a social butterfly... I guess one thing that's changed about me since we last spoke is the amount of patience I have.

But my heart keeps beating like a hammer.


See what I did there?


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