Friday, April 9, 2010

What My Ratings Mean

Just so there's no confusion or some other exaggerated interpretation, here's an explanation as to how I rate things:

5/5 stars - Phenomenon/Masterpiece
I don't usually rate much of anything this unless I find is moving, touching, or mesmerizing.

4.5/5 stars - More than excellent
Not a 4/5 star, not a 5/5 star (obviously)

4/5 stars - Excellent
If I give something this rating, I loved it. It was extremely good.

3.5/5 stars - Pretty good
It had good qualities and some bad qualities that came to a close, but most of the good parts of it comes through.

3/5 stars - Good, O.K
It was entertaining enough and had some good points, but far from great.

I've never given anything less than 3/5, so if I ever give anything a rating lower than that, it must've been pretty sucky.

Another thing I may as well throw in is my judgment of charecters. A lot of times you'll see me write something along the lines of: 'I couldn't take the charecter seriously'. Please realize that when I say this, or even say that I don't understand a charecter, I'm not saying that the writer didn't make the charecter right. The writer is always right when making their charecters.

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