Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Under the Dome by: Stephen King

Alright, I just finished reading Stephen King's new masterpiece, Under the Dome, last night at 11:56 pm. It took me awhile to read, since it's 1074 pages (including the Author's Note), and was always afraid it wasn't going to be worht it.

Immediately this novel could hold my attention, because the action starts right away. Stephen tells the stories of many, many different charecter's (even some dogs) while the little town of Chester's Mill is mysteriously and suddenly placed underneath an invisible barrier - a dome.

Through most of my time reading this huge book, I always thought it was worthy of 4/5stars (very good). Stephen King wrote fantastically and humorously, and I wanted more to some extent, but it wasn't like I couldn't put it down, I could.

Yesterday, when I was creeping toward the end, I couldn't get enough. I couldn't resist this novel and took it with me everywhere. Somewhere between three-fourths until the end of the book, Stephen King defined the difference between a 4/5 star novel and a 5/5 star novel. The ending left me a bit mesmerized, and that's what makes a story special, the feeling you have inside after reading it. That's also what made me give this novel 5/5 stars, despite however I felt previously.

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  1. I totally want to read this book! I just have to finish the Twilight saga first.