Thursday, July 7, 2011

Illusions | by: Aprilynne Pike

Aprilynne Pike's latest release, Illusions (note that the UK title is Wild), is the third book in her wonderful series of friendship, love, and faeries.

Laurel has gone through quite a bit in the past couple of years, for she has learned that she is a faerie and that trolls are a threat to her life. But, luckily, no trolls seem to be lurking or causing any trouble lately. So when Tamani returns to the human world, saying that the trolls have not been absent as she has believed, it is a surprise that sends Laurel's world upside-down. Not only because of the peril the trolls will bring, but because Tamani's return reignites the love triangle between him, Laurel, and Laurel's human boyfriend named David.

Plus, there's a surprise you never saw coming.

Illusions is a great installment in this series! Aprilynne Pike did not let me down! I adored both of the previous books in the series, Wings and Spells just as I adored this one, but Illusions definately has the most unexpected twists and turns. Also, it was nice to have the third-person narration set on Tamani as well as Laurel.

At this point, I'm positively sure of which side I'm on as far as the love triangle, and it really gets heated in Illusions. Things are starting to get a little out of hand between Tamani and David, and Laurel's mixed feelings will leave readers frustrated. Tamani seems to stop at nothing to have her, and of course David has a problem with it. But David really irritated me when he got so out of line.

The love theme is strong in this novel, stronger than in the previous books of this series. However, that does not mean that there wasn't any room for action. It may not have been quite as suspensful, but definately the most mysterious of the three books in the series. This is my favorite element of the book. We are introduced to a new character, Yuki, and much of the book is about figuring her out as well as understanding how the trolls seem to get by, leaving little trace. All of this probably sounds like chaos, and it kind of is. Laurel has a lot to worry about and readers will have plenty of entertainment in front of them.

Although the chaos in Laurel's life doesn't feel quite so chaotic, because Aprilynne Pike is a writer that knows what she's doing. The only time I've ever had to re-read anything in this book is because of something in the plot that surprised me. That being said, Aprilynne keeps everything crystal clear and flowing quite nicely.

Of course... Aprilynne left us with a cliffhanger... A cliffhanger that's basically a couple sentences after the intense climax. I feel as though more and more authors are doing that these days. I wonder if they enjoy our suffering, waiting for their next book to be published like the overly eager fans many of us are. We get some general idea of what's going on, what's behind the mysteries, but not the specifics. There's still so much to know about the trolls, Klea, and Yuki.

I loved Illusions. It's magical, it's romantic, and it's interesting. I just wish the final book was waiting for me on my shelf...

4/5 Stars

Pike, Aprilynne. Illusions
New York: Harper Teen

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