Monday, January 30, 2012

A New Look That Will Stay

I'm aware that I've given this blog about four make-overs in the past year and a half, and I'm sure it's annoying. But, I think I've finally found the right look, thanks to my best friend Blogging Nickster, the creator of my beautiful new blog header! I might make some changes to the general template (though rather unnnoticable to most everyone except me), but the header is definitely staying for a while.

Every other look my blog has had in the past has been centered around the same blue color scheme, but as you can obviously tell, purple has taken over. I wanted something neutral yet bold, like blue or purple (or even both!) and Nickster really seemed to like that idea as well. So, he initially made me this awesome header of a white star exploding into purple and blue with little stars in the background. I loved it so much! But unfortunately, Nick and I tend to get into some unusual predicaments, and it didn't work out due to size and whatnot. Then, he made me a sample header (which was still pretty epic) to help figure out what the size needed to be of a pink and purple explosion. I liked this, the colors were so pretty, but I wanted to stray from pink in case any manly guys were reading my reviews and thought, "How am I supposed to relate to any of this?" But of course, then I began having issues centering the thing, and after all that got ironed out, my beautiful purple planet header was created.

Thanks, Nick! :)

Anyway, I really hope everyone likes the new look. Maybe you don't think it's a big deal, but keep in mind that effort was definitely put into it. Nick has three of his own kick-ass blogs to worry about, let alone my humble little review blog. So, cheers to purple planets and stars!


  1. Its fine, but it should be optimised for a resolution 1024xXXX so it could look fine on netbooks, phones, iPads, everything else. Just saying. :)