Friday, June 28, 2013

The Heat | Directed by Paul Feig | Written by Katie Dippold

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in the same film? Whoever came up with this casting idea needs a party thrown in their honor.
When I first saw the trailer for The Heat, I immediately thought it was going to be a third Miss Congeniality, which I wouldn't have had a problem with. Though Sandra Bullock's character certainly isn't Gracie Hart, The Heat does resemble the Miss Congeniality films to some extents. Bullock's character is an FBI agent that strives to continue a  case and be promoted, but McCarthey's character is simply dedicated to clearing the streets of Boston of criminals, keeping her brother (who'd recently gotten out of jail) in mind. Much like in the Miss Congeniality movies, Bullock and her sidekick go to crazy extents to do their job and get into a little trouble while doing it. With that, fans of the Miss Congeniality movies will likely find satisfaction in this new comedy.
Nowadays, I feel like the people who write comedic scripts expect audiences to laugh at basically anything that could be considered slightly ludicrous, disgusting, or generally odd, never giving us anything actually funny. The Heat wasn't written that way. It's a quality comedy; I could actually laugh multiple times through it all. There were a couple of gross parts (including a cringe-worthy CPR scene that had me itching at my neck), but it isn't so potent that it overpowers the whole thing. And it certainly doesn't run like a weird Saturday Night Live episode, in which I can sometimes sit through without cracking a smile.
Besides... Is there a bad Sandra Bullock movie out there? If there is, I haven't seen it. Plus, Melissa McCarthey was quite the character. I've been a fan since she played the role of Sooki on Gilmore Girls (which is one of the best television shows ever made EVER), and it's so interesting to see her take on a role like this. She's funny as ever, but in a completely different way. She and Bullock really knew how to share the spotlight; they're a dynamic duo.
As far as the plot goes, I was surprised by who the guy they were tracking down really was. There isn't much epic lesson-learning or hectic mystery in The Heat, it's just a really fun comedy. Sure, there are some serious moments (well... kind of serious) concerning the characters' families, but as implied, it's all tackled in a crazy, lighthearted way. 
So, the only disclaimer I can think of is that if you have issues with swearing, you won't like this movie; an f-bomb is dropped every minute or so. (Parents may want to keep this in mind.) Other than that, don't hesitate to buy your ticket to see The Heat. You'll laugh - I promise!

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  1. This movie looks funny :) I might go see it sometime.