Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blogging for FOUR Years

Today, this blog is four years old. From what I've heard around the blogosphere, that's a pretty good chunk of blogging time even though 'four' is such a tiny number, and I must admit, four years does feel like a long time as I look back. I've gradually grown as a person, gone through some phases... Typical people stuff. It doesn't surprise me that I've continued to blog throughout these past years; I've listened to a lot of great albums and read a lot of amazing books, and a girl's gotta express herself somewhere. It might as well be here.
But, like my general character, my blog has evolved over the past four years. It's kind of odd saying that considering that last year, I didn't even write one of these posts because I didn't feel like anything really changed between 2012 and 2013, but as I look at the entire spectrum, the past two years have sparked the most changes. I started getting a little more "involved" with the outside blogging world by participating in Top Ten Tuesday (I really love this meme) and instead of just reviewing, I do some general fangirling nonstop. I added the Anticipated Releases page as well as an About Me page (finally! even though I still don't know if it's sufficient), and I got rid of my Flag Counter; while it was so cool to see how many different countries have visited, I discovered that the stats just weren't very accurate.
There are some other changes that I've been considering the possibility of making but haven't yet, primarily because I'm not sure if I like my ideas. So, I rarely ever act on these ideas. But, who knows what'll happen.

My most viewed posts of all time has changed a bit since my last blogoversery post. Some are still the same, but others have taken an unexpected turn:

1. Blood | In This Moment
2. Favorite Voices
3. The House of Night, Books 1-6 by P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast
4. Sailor Moon: The Effects Last Forever
5. 'Salem's Lot | by: Stephen King
6. Design Your Universe | Epica
7. Fallen | Evanescence
8. Best Books I Read: 2011
9. End of 2010 Book Survey
10. Artist Evolution

That's a pretty decent variety, if I may say so myself. It isn't surprising that my movie reviews aren't getting much attention because I rarely ever review movies; I rarely ever see them for reasons, and it makes me sad. (Unfortunately, that hasn't changed in four years.) But I'm always surprised at which posts get the most views; I have really cool readers! :) More people have been visiting The Critiquing Critica now than ever before, and it makes me so happy that people are fangirling with me. Thanks for sticking around, but if this happens to be your first time here, I'm happy you stumbled in.

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