Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Most Recent Issues As a Book Lover

Book lovers always seem to encounter problems that other people don't have to worry about. A lot of common ones are hardcover vs. paperback, not having enough money to buy all the books we want, book slumps, and stuff like that, but I've been having some other problems in addition as of late. I'm just going to cut to the chase and let the explosion begin:
1. Everyone needs to calm down about J.K. Rowling. I'm sick of all the drama that occurs every time she opens her mouth. That's right, I'm talking about the recent 'Harry/Hermione or Ron/Hermione' ordeal, but I've also been seeing quite a bit of unnecessary attitude toward other things she's recently said. Somehow, this sparked discussions in people that ended up frightening me because they debated whether or not J.K. Rowling had the free right to speak her mind about a book she wrote... First of all, people just say things like that because they don't agree with her opinion, and just because someone doesn't agree with someone, should we all just revoke their right to say anything at all? It's a juvenile concept. Furthermore, if Ron and Hermione getting married is your biggest concern out of ALL the things that happen in the Harry Potter series, well, then I don't even know how to address you because I just don't understand. Whether you agree with her or not, can we all please continue to be rational human beings? Please and thank you?
2. Stephenie Meyer, what are you doing? Are we gonna get that sequel to The Host? I read in a USA Today article that you had some interesting ideas for new stories. I'm curious about it all. So yeah... Just wondering.
3. Everyone reads more than me. Seriously, like, a lot more. How do you guys do it?
4. Can someone please explain to me why everyone loves Pride and Prejudice so much? And I'm not trying to sound bitchy when I ask that, I just genuinely want to know. As I discussed in my classics post, I found this story to be really emotionless, but I feel so weird knowing that everyone seems to love it but me. Did I miss something? Or am I just too much of a romanticist?
5. I want to sell some books but no one in this town will pay more than fifty cents at a garage sale. I guess my solution is to make a trip to Half Price Books, which is a little bit far from where I live... Wait a minute, I'm going to go on a road trip and do lots of shopping and sell books. Nevermind, this isn't a problem anymore.
6. Will it be beneficial for me to get a Books-a-Million rewards card? Their rewards card costs $20 and I don't think I go there that much... Or do I? I don't know. And a lot of times when I do I go to the bargain section. I don't know if it will be cost efficient. I should probably sit down and calculate this some day.
I'm happy I let all that out, especially #1 and #4. Have any of you been experiencing such issues and/or other issues?


  1. Honestly I think those membership cards at bookstores aren't worth it. You really have to spend a lot of money for them to be worth it. The Barnes and Nobles one doesn't even work on any Nook items so that sucks too.


    1. That's pretty much the same conclusion I've been coming to lately. I don't like to spend very much and am always checking out the bargain section, so if I got a rewards card, it'd make me spend way more than I normally would have and that kind of contradicts the 'saving money' concept. So I won't be getting one after all. Thanks for your imput! :)