Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Avatar | Written and Directed by James Cameron

When I first saw trailers for Avatar, I thought it looked like a bunch of uncivilized Smurfs running around. Then... it all just started to look... pretty.

Scientists are learning the ways of the residents and of the natural features of the planet called Pandora. A few of them are actually experiencing what it's like to be those residents, the Navi. The humans (that are aliens to the Navi) seem to be disturbing them. Destroyers of their planet, the planet which they love very much. But will all of the humans remain loyal to the purpose of destruction to Pandora?

Avatar was beautiful and brilliant; a story like no other. It was crafted with care and born unique, and thank goodness the actors and actresses did the film justice. The world of Pandora is unlike anything I could imagine with its naturally illuminated forrests and facinating People. They way they believe in things is faith like no other, and their love for the forrests and their planet in general is so strong, it makes me jealous. It is a story of everything - love, war, moral, and knowing where you belong. James Cameron has proven to be amazing since his work for Titanic, but Avatar surpasses it for all that it is - the creativity, the beautiful story, the meaning. It is the best film of 2010 and one of the best science fiction creations.

I loved it.

5/5 illuminated stars

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