Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Actors I Envisioned Playing Specific Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun bookish meme hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. This week, bloggers were given the opportunity to choose our own topics, and I started thinking about the way I envision characters. Oftentimes the people in my head look like combinations of people I've seen to fit an author's description, but there have been some occasions where I envision specific actors playing characters in my head. I decided I'd list those this week.

Top Ten Actors I Envisioned Playing Specific Characters

Emma Watson as Lucy Snowe | Villette by Charlotte Bronte

Clare Brown as Cress | Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer

Ian Somerhalder as Wolf | Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer

Logan Lerman as Jacob | Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children trilogy by Ransom Riggs

Adam DeVine as The Colonel | Looking for Alaska by John Green

Chelsea Brummet as Antoinetta | Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys

Nikki Reed as Catherine | Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Chloe Grace Mortez as Amy | Across the Universe trilogy by Beth Revis

Drew Fuller as Stark | House of Night series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Shane Brolly as Kalona | House of  Night series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

What do you think of these actor-character pairings? Do you tend to envision specific actors as characters as you read?

Feel free to leave me the link to your Top Ten Tuesday!


  1. I actually don't know any of these actors, except for Emma Watson, off to google lol!

  2. YAY! Great choice of topic this week. I always love freebie week as people always do such amazing topics! You have picked some fantastic actors for some awesome characters. Some I haven't actually heard of, so Google I must go ;) I never really fancast, I can't seem to ever imagine an actor as a book character. Until they are actually cast that is.

    Here's my TTT post if you want to check it out. I picked non-book romances I would love to see get book adaptations.

  3. Yeah sorry about that, everybody - I was going to put up pictures but then I started uni again and totally forgot! I really should have since the way I envisioned these actors can be heavily influenced by their appearance in whatever show/movie I saw them in, and they may look different now. XD (For example, I was envisioning Chelsea Brummet looking similar to what she looked like in her Gilmore Girls episode, and I was envisioning Shane Brolly from his Underworld days.)