Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Phantom of the Opera | Directed by Joel Schumacher | Written by Andrew Lloyd Webber

5/5 Stars

A musical work of genius!

Many, many people have seen the musical before seeing the film, but I did not. So I really didn't have any set expectations for this film, or any hopes.

The Phantom of the Opera takes place at an opera house that seems to be haunted by a particular "phantom" while the beautiful soprano, Christine, finally becomes recognized for her outstanding voice. Before you know it, you'll dive into a story of a most unusal love triangle. Yes, love triangles get old fast. But this one, as I already said, was most unusal. Even gripping.

This film is oftentimes operated like one big opera. Most lines are sung, not spoken. But the lines they sing and the poetry within, and the music... it's all literately some of the best things I've ever heard in my life. It sent chilles down my spine numerous times. It's all so dark and unique; dreamy. One of those dreams you never want to wake from because of all of the beauty in their hypnotizing abnormalities.

Gerard Butler sings in this movie, playing his role as the Phantom. His voice is always great, and most importantly, he shows so much emotion it seems impossible to even imagine to project. But, he did it. My favorite song he sung was "Music of the Night". Emmy Rossum (who plays Christine) was very surprising. I'd only seen her in one other film, The Day After Tomorrow, and I loved her, of course. Obviously, if you're in the film adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera, you have some serious talent. But how was I to know she had THAT MUCH of a singing talent! And so young! She is one of my top three favorite vocalists based on her mind blowing performance here. Her voice gave me most of the chills I felt, it was clear as a bell and beyond beautiful. Everything she sung sounded perfect. I especially loved these songs she sung (note: some of these were duets): "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again", "Raoul, I've Been There", "The Point of No Return", and "The Phantom of the Opera".

If you really get into it, as I did, the ending could make some people teary eyed. The works of art that make you cry are the best ones, especially when it's tragically beautiful like this.

I loved The Phantom of the Opera in every way. This story line, this gothic romance, will captivate you, keeping you in wonder of our main charecters, the Phantom and Christine. The music will give you chills, the ending will unleash a few tears (and a few chills there, as well). It's perfect. It's one of the most beautiful things ever written, and the greatest musical/opera film ever created.