Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Favorite Musical Singles of 2012 (Part 2/4)

This is the second post consisting of my favorite singles released in 2012. Parts three and four will come later in the week.
"Lost in Paradise" by Evanescence
One of my favorite songs EVER. Like Evanescence always does, they
created an amazing, tear-jerking ballad. There's nothing to complain
about with this one. Amy Lee's voice is powerful like usual, the
music and lyrics are deep as usual, and the piano leads the way
like a beacon of greatness. There's no official video for this single
yet, so here's the beautiful lyric video. Go follow along with the
lyrics and get chills.
"Storm the Sorrow" by Epica
A big and bold single from Epica, a very worthy symphonic
metal band! This song displays outstanding vocals and lyrics amid
music that's completely epic. Mark Jansen's grunts are limited
to the bridge, creating cross-over appeal for those who don't care
for that style of vocalizing. Plus, the music video happens to be
my favorite Epica video.
"Hats Off to the Bull" by Chevelle
Chevelle's such a cool band, and the single "Hats Off to the
Bull" (released during the previous February) seems to help
enforce that. Anyone looking to rock out with the volume turned
way up? Listen to this song. Then go to one of their shows and
hear it live; they do a great job.
"Breath of Life" by Florence + the Machine
This song is the lead single from the film Snow White and the
Huntsman, and it made the end credits for that movie so much
better. I can't describe this song's genre... There's Florence's voice
plus a choir, exceptional lyrics, and of course the theatrical music...
It's the genre of Florence. And it's very fun to sing.

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