Saturday, December 15, 2012

Favorite Musical Singles of 2012 (Part 4/4)

This is the final post displaying my favorite musical singles of 2012! I hope you've enjoyed the previous three posts as well as this one. Please leave your favorite singles in the comments; I'd love to hear what you have to say!
"Made of Stone" by Evanescence
Need an angry song? Here's "Made of Stone." Evanescence is back
and heavier than ever while maintaining a level of epicness, and this
song certainly demonstrates that. Like many Evanescence songs,
"Made of Stone" is something I can call a theme song of mine. It'll
keep anyone singing along with their head bobbing. Since there's
no official music video or lyric video for this promotional single,
here's an unofficial lyric video:
"She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)" by David Guetta ft. Sia
This song represents one of those times where pop music can be
beautiful. The piano bit is so pretty, as are the electronic bits.
The lyrical metaphor is just wonderfully written, and it's something
just about anyone can relate to. Plus, it's hard not to love the
wolves in the music video. Though David Guetta doesn't usually
impress me, he's undoubtedly made some magic with Sia.
"Castle of Glass" by Linkin Park
"Castle of Glass" is one of my all-time favorite Linkin Park
songs with its chilled electronic feel. There's nothing one can't
love about it. The music's great, the vocals are so easy to listen
to, and the lyrics are decorated with emotion in the most peaceful
way. The video has a specific meaning to it, and I'm utterly
fascinated by the glass constantly flying around the band. That being
said, why doesn't this single get radio airplay? People need to request
"Powerless" by Linkin Park
This is another of my favorite Linkin Park songs, and (much
like "Castle of Glass") I didn't even realize it was a single since
I've never heard this one on the radio. The two that I usually
hear, "Lost in the Echo" and "Burn it Down" are great songs, but
they sound way to similar for them to both be singles. Anyway,
"Powerless" is a highlight from their latest album, Living Things.
The piano leads this song, but electronic elements pick up
throughout, creating a beautiful sound. The music video includes
scenes from the film adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and a lot of the movie audio
is potent in the video, so I recommend looking up a video of
just the song's audio.

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